Travel to ancient sites

Come with us to magical and wonderful places, full of ancient history. Discover how the ancestors of those lands lived, their beliefs, their food, their culture, and how they lived with each other and how they lived their spirituality. Each one we visit, from Egypt to Hawaii, you will find an ancestral connection. We are all one and in some way, all modern cultures have a connection with ancient cultures. Relive the ancestral magic of these places with us!

Discover the fascinating tapestry of ancient cultures as we explore the intricate connections between Mexican, Hawaiian, Egyptian, and Peruvian civilizations. Despite the vast distances and different landscapes, these ancient societies share remarkable similarities in their architecture, mythology, and spiritual practices. From the majestic pyramids of Egypt and Mexico to the sacred temples of Peru and Hawaii, each culture revered the cosmos and constructed awe-inspiring monuments aligned with celestial events. Their myths and legends tell of gods and goddesses, heroes and adventures, echoing universal themes of creation, life, and the afterlife. Join us on a journey through time and space, uncovering the threads that weave together the rich heritage of our global ancestors, revealing a profound unity in the diversity of human experience.