About Mitre

Mitre is the parent organization of different adventures. Adventure? - Yes, adventures. The Mitre family in general are adventurous, intelligent and proactive. That is why on this page you will find different links to all the companies related to the Mitre family.

Amazing travel to the wonders of the world, reconnecting with history and facts.  


Multimedia development, online courses of all kinds of topics. 


A space on the wonderful island of Hawaii that radiates to the cyber world. Here you find all kinds of tools to have a Life in Harmony. 


A technologically advanced corporation, providing fancy furniture decor. 

Mitre origin 

The surname "Mitre" has derived origins depending on where you look for its history. The most modern and prominent version is that it is derived from the Old French word "Mitre", meaning headdress. Also known by the term "Mitra" which is of Latin origin, coming from the "mitra", worn by the Pope, which is a type of diadem or turban.

In the case of the surname Mitre, according to what Laura R. Mitre found during her travels around the world in search of the origin of the family and her name, the surname Mitre comes from the surname "Mitrevsky" which has Slavic roots. The Slavs are an Ind-European ethnic group that lives mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. This ethnic group includes several nations and subgroups. The ending "-sky" is common in surnames from that region and is used to indicate "belonging to" or "origin of."

Going deeper thousands of years into the origin, "Mitre" indicates a decendent of the people in charge of guarding divine knowledge and universal information. In that part of the world there is a mountain that has and "M" shape called Mitre and from there derives "the Mitra" which is the cap or headdress worn by the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church and other religious churches.